Smart Lunches, LLC

About Smart Lunches: Smart Lunches’ innovative online ordering and delivery service brings nutritious, high-quality meals to kids while providing convenience and peace-of-mind to parents. Smart Lunches is one of New England’s fastest growing companies, serving thousands of students each day at schools, early childhood learning centers and camps through a state-of-the-art online service that utilizes local caterers and a dedicated delivery network to cook and deliver hot and cold meals.

Smart Lunches provides customer support, delivery, and nutrition advice, as well as on-site healthy vending machines. The company gives back by sharing a portion of its earnings with its partners and by contributing to other programs that support underprivileged children. Smart Lunches is currently available in eastern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire and the greater Philadelphia area. To learn more about Smart Lunches, please inquire at or visit Smart Lunches.

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