Facetime Theatre

Facetime Theatre provides high-quality, FUN instruction in theatre arts, musical theatre, creative storytelling, and other educational areas related to performance and creativity.

  • All classes taught at an age-appropriate level
  • Even our youngest “performers” will build confidence and learn thinking and verbal skills that will help them in every aspect of their education!
  • Older and more experienced students will have opportunities to expand their knowledge and talent and will learn how to take their abilities to the next level.
  • Year-end performances will give ALL of our students an opportunity to “show off” what they’ve learned in front of a supportive audience.

Most of the classes offered at Facetime Theatre will be taught by Lisa Starczewski and Craig Tavani, who bring years of teaching and theatre experience into the classroom. Lisa and Craig are the drama and musical directors at the Phoenixville area high school. All classes will be held in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania at the Franklin Commons.

Suite Details

  • Suite: 109